Admission Procedure

1: Admission is open to all Pakistani citizens living in AI-Qassim region of Saudi Arabia. It is also open to Non-Saudi & Non-Pakistani Nationals having a residence status in AI-Qassim region of Saudi Arabia but not having a school in the region, however their admission will be subjected to the availability of vacancies in the classes as wei: as the approval from the Ministry of Education. However, the percentage of nonPakistaniin the school must not be exceeded more then 30 from total school’s strength in any case.

2: Admissions for the new academic year shall be granted within one month from the start of a new academic year. Under the special circumstances, even after the expiry of this period the Principal, however, may grant the admission subjected to the approval of the School’s Management Committee.

3: Application for admission should be made by the parents/guardians on a prescribed form, which can be obtained from the school’s office on a payment of (10) ten Saudi Riyals. Only original form will be accepted. The admission form will be issued in the name of the candidate, applying for admission, and shall not be used for any other candidate.

4: The parent/guardian must attach all the required documents with the admission form, otherwise the school authorities have the right to reject the form or keep pending the admission till all the required documents are provided.

5: In case if the number of applicants for the admission is more than the number of available seats in a particular class, then priority will be given to those applicants whose brothers/sisters are already enrolled in the school.

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